How I love bureaucrats

Kids need to go to school. Simple, isn’t it? Yes. So simple only a stupid bureaucrat can.

Here’s the story, so far:
– You fill in the mid-year admission forms. Easy.
– You send form + proof of address. Easy.
– Forms read, checked, school has place, kids go to school. Easy.
Well, actually no. Just the last step can take a few weeks.

No, it is not that the good people in Haringey council are sitting drinking tea, planning the new-year’s party. They are very busy processong next year’s admissions, while my kids miss out on school now.

The fact my kids moved from Wales and are without a school to go to, doesn’t register as an exception worth stopping for a split second and think. Three or four phone calls wouldn’t convince then.

The best response was “if you feel strongly about it, you can complain to the complaints department”. I don’t know if father of the year is a status that I will have soon, but I do feel strongly about it. As a matter of fact, I believe almost all parents would.

So I did write, and got a very quick, shocked, response at the ineptitude of school admissions, though not at so many words.

9 days the head of admissions has to respond. And if I learned anything about Haringey council – it will take them the whole 9.

So what do we do? Months ago, long before London came on our radars, airplane tickets to visit the family over end of December, were bought. We actually timed the move so that kids will a few weeks in school before flying.

Based on the expected timing, the answer from admissions would just as the kids take off. So? So we moved the flights and they fly off tonight!!!