Mirror Mirror on the

Have been contemplating getting a mirror for my bike. Increased safety and all.

As a cyclist you are always slower than cars. Well, excluding downhills and traffic jams. So the ability to see what and who is behind you makes sense. So that is my answer to the question “if you had a third eye, where’d you put it?”

I’ve always put this off, though. Somehow this didn’t get prioritized. But now I am even more safety-aware.

I wanted to buy a mirror that goes into the hole in the handle bar. But the biggest issue with that was that it is out of stock everywhere.

A few years back, a friend recommended a mirror that goes on the helmet. So I ended up buying this, thinking it makes sense because it would almost be inline with my view anyway.

How wrong was I!

My rucksack is blocking my view back, along with my shoulder. Damn those years in the pool – who needs such broad shoulders, causing more wind-resistance, extra weight and now blocking the view.

Solution is to point the mirror outwards and upwards.
1. Improved visibility of what’s behind, albeit a little to the side of what I’d ideally want
2. Serious eye strain

So, is it worth it? I think so. Though I may still add the mirror I wanted.

The ideal bike rear-view mirror 

The ideal bike rear-view mirror


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One Response to Mirror Mirror on the

  1. Oren Dvoskin says:

    Hey Az!

    Loved having you over last week.
    Nimrod and Yoav are real mountain goats.

    Regarding the bike mirror – I recommend!
    I’ve got one by zefal : http://www.zefal.com/zefal/produit.php?key=472
    Works very well, and I feel much safer on the bike.

    Send me your new email address.

    Yours truly,

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