A very long day

What day is it? Still feels like Monday. Though I either slept or taken naps, and the calendar tells me it is Thursday.
I hear Amir mocking my stupid attempts at poetry. Though I am quite proud of them.

Is it a dream? Is it real? I know it is real. I know I’ll never see him. Though there’s the little hope it is a nightmare we’ll all wake up from.
Edo is ill today with high fever. That can’t be a dream. But this whole surreal reality can’t be, either.
I think I’ll try to take another few cracks at being a poet. After all the effort I’ve put into this stupid haircut. I know Amir is laughing at this.


About snailonabike
I cycle, I run, I live, I have a family, I write code for a living, I have an opinion

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