Fool on a hill

Somehow I always end up having perfect protection from flooding. I always end up living on a hill.

It is not like I plan this. It just happens.

Before coming to the UK I lived at a top of a hill for all my life. This made coming back from a long bike ride kill any option of cool down. At times I was taking extra rounds around the block to allow myself to cool off.

Now in Wales I again ended up on a hill. Coming back from work I have several options – short 14% climb, slightly longer easy climb with a little sting in the tail. There’s even a direction where the climb is so gentle that it is almost flat, 3 mile long, but flat.

So going to London I knew one thing for sure. London is flat. To some extent that saddened me.  But then the property search began.

I used the best technology has to offer – and to hunt. I lined up three properties – two in west London (Ealing and Acton) and one in north London – Muswell Hill. Looking at pictures and schools around the properties I had a clear favourite – the house on the hill.

How steep could a London hill be? After all – London’s flat. Right?!

Well, it is. Except Muswell hill is aptly named. It is a proper hill. Not a three yard dash.

If all goes well – within the next few days the contract would be signed and I’ll be pushing forward with moving everything to London.

Schools would be a chore to arrange. They are already. More on that – soon.


About snailonabike
I cycle, I run, I live, I have a family, I write code for a living, I have an opinion

One Response to Fool on a hill

  1. Nati Bergman says:

    Good luck snail! what company did you move to?
    Got a Louis Garneau bike frame and need to build it.
    If you need a vet in London call my brother.
    Dash to E.
    Shoot me a mail when you have time. Try to spell decently…
    Kol tuv,

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