A sporting week

Finally, a leader?

Liverpool won 4-1 in the first game of the group stage in the Europa league. No, they didn’t put 4 past one of the great European sides. It was a Romanian team. But Liverpool had mostly their #2 team on the pitch against Steaua Bucharest.

I’ve complained that Rafa Benitez may be a good manager but he is not a leader. On Thursday we’ve seen a very motivate team. A team of players who are neither afraid to play and attack, and want to prove their worth.

After all, this is the b-team. Those who aspire to join the a-team. Yes, Joe Cole is not a b-team player… and neither are Agger and Reina, but even Joe Cole was motivated to a point I was afraid his skin is going to split from the effort he’s put in. N’Gog is top scorer, Lucas looks (relatively) good, some young and virtually unknown players played 90 minutes, and impressed! Where were they all this time?! Apparently at home ’cause Rafa didn’t call them to duty.

Technology is missing from football. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy Liverpool were awarded a penalty, but they didn’t deserve it.

I don’t know if Roy Hodgson is the man for the job, but I know he will do a better job than Rafa. Simply because he’ll have the team play for him, when he needs them to. Had Rafa still been in charge I am certain the a-team would’ve won 1-0, and the crowd would’ve had a good night’s sleep meanwhile.

Instead we had a good, positive, game. More please, Roy!

Vuelta, now? Really?

The Vuelta never took my breath away. It never managed to get me to watch, to follow, to care.

Maybe it is the care-free attitude which the Spanish have shown towards doping. Maybe it is the long stages on a motorway from somewhere to nowhere, not spectator in sight.

Maybe I am just drained after the Tour and the Giro?!

I don’t know. My friends assure me it is a great race, but I can’t even name the leader off the top of my head!

Look at all the recent winners

  • Contador: Exciting and fresh. But he’ll visit the Vuelta again sometime in the future.
  • Menchov: So exciting I could fall asleep just thinking about it. Not forgetting the one time he won because he was second to Herras (who was doped to the ears and got disqualified)
  • Valverde: Won the Vuelta while everyone knew that he was banned from riding in Italy due to his involvement in the Puerto affair, and that the ban will be upheld by the UCI and would eventually apply to the whole world. Not that it mattered to the Vuelta organizers…

Spanish races are on the decline for a long while now. Quite a few, allegedly key, races couldn’t find the funding and have disappeared from the calendar. I am a cyclist, and a cycling fan, but I’d be the first to say that a race has to be exciting to non-cyclist and only then it has a right to live. Put the tour of California instead of the Vuelta, please. Give me a 3 week cross USA tour. Or take the Vuelta through the roads and towns my friends tell me that Spain has, but never appear on the screen during the Vuelta.


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