The trick of getting places

At quite a young age I realised that in order to get somewhere, I need to walk. And, to walk, I need to start by placing one foot in front of the other. At one time I’ve become so good at it, that I could run and get there fast.

A few observations I made during my lifetime, with regards to walking and getting places.

  1. Sometimes I’d start off in one direction, but change my mind and end up in another
  2. It was easier to start and change the direction slightly, than to try to rush off in the exact direction.
  3. Once I’ve gotten used to walking, doing it again and again has become easier.
  4. Once you sit down for a long time, it is harder to get off the sofa

Looking at the above points, I realise that they are right also when it comes to other things in life. And at work.

Sitting on the sofa, or stagnation happens. I know because I see it every day. Brilliant people who’d just rather continue doing their 9-5 ritual rather than start walking/running and look for a better, more challenging work. Even in the same company. And it happens to companies.

If you stagnate - you may find it hard to get up again

Should I stay or

If it works – don’t fix it is a common school of thought. A few posts ago I said if it works – refactor it. Keep the product alive and moving. Keep your company’s mind working and the legs running by constantly improving. Keep encouraging innovation.

Innovation doesn’t happen. It is a product of hard work. First and foremost by management as an enabler.

When stagnation happens, there is no other way out of it, other than just starting. The direction may not be perfect, and you probably will stumble. You’ll find you’re unfit and use too much energy on the wrong things.

But, just like when you were a toddler and learnt to walk, there is no other way. Expect the odd bump on the head.

Because if you don’t; obesity, high-blood pressure and possibly early death await.

Note: keeping active and improving doesn’t guarantee longevity, but they sure help.


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