Use your head

My mum always told me to use my head. Mark Renshaw’s mum probably too. So he did.

What did the race commissioners do? Send him home.

What do two riders breaking in a fight get?


What a shambles.

I don’t claim that Renshaw is innocent. He should be punished. But this is way over the top. This should be the equivalent of a yellow card in football. Only they took out a double red one.

Robbie uses his head

Mind if I rest my head?

When Robbie McEwen used his head a few years back (when he could still sprint) – did he get thrown out? No – he got relegated to last place for the day. What happened to fining the rider/team? Can’t they warn them that next time the rider, or even the whole team would be thrown out? I feel a sense of hysteria led to this decision.

Mark Renshaw at least has a clean record. Whereas the demi-sprinting-god Robbie has somewhat of a record here.

What a shambles.

Do we want 2 year-old girl sprinting with everyone getting the same time so that no one feels bad? Sprinting is not for the faint-hearted. What next, nullifying stages because someone has fallen and it is cold? oh, wait!

Congratulates to Mark Cavendish for another great win.

What a shambles


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2 Responses to Use your head

  1. Tim says:

    The more serious offence was the way Renshaw looked over his shoulder and then peeled off directly into the path of Tyler Farrar, squeezing him towards the barriers. That was very dangerous. The Dean incident – well, they’re grown men, aren’t they? As you say, relegate him to last and be done with it.

    You have to wonder what the commissaires would have decided if it had been not Renshaw but, say, Sandy Casar. Or even Thor Hushovd, who is not afraid to throw his not inconsiderable bulk around when he needs to.

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