July, the hottest month of the year 1

July is always hot. That is due to the Tour De France. Well, at least for me. But more on this later

This year July is made hotter. actually once every four years. This due to a world-wide virus of World Cup Fever. And boy is this one a hottie!

World Cup

Major teams exiting early – Italy, France. Some fresh faces staying up late – Japan, Paraguay and Spain. And some of the usual suspects – Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

Of the last four I mentioned only Germany were not considered pre-games favourites. Maybe it is the young squad, or maybe it is quite obvious they are a force to be reckoned with, so no one mentioned them.

England were the usual victim of German football. A country that brought us the most boring football for years, is now providing us with exciting beautiful football. And not a single mullet.

I was never a fan of England. South American is my flavour and Brazil was always the number one choice for me. Corny? Maybe. Two things you don’t choose in life – family and a team you support. My father supports Brazil. But England was never a favourite. Actually, I quite disliked them for years.

Living in Wales should, some would argue, make me either support the only British team or hate them because they are not Welsh. But to me, a bloody foreigner it is not a factor. I simply never liked the English team.

But I do want to say a few words about them.

Capello – is a world-class coach. If there is a mistake the English FA kept making is swapping managers like dirty underwear. How can a coach can learn from his mistakes if he is shown the door after the first? England left South Africa a single game earlier than expected. They were expected to reach the quarter-final and lose to Germany. They just did not prolong their suffering and left at the last 16.

The team was awful. Gerrard and Lampard had what could only be described as ok seasons, by their own standards. Rooney was a shadow of himself. Clearly depleted by Sir Alex. Heskey is a player fit for a League 2 bench. Even I have better skill on the ball than him. Even I.

And this is the only real mistake Capello, in my very humble opinion made – he took Heskey and some other fishy players. Taking Jermaine Beckford would have made more sense. He is a young rising talent. Maybe he wouldn’t be the best at these games, but the experience would’ve been extremely valuable. And what about Walcott? Not great season, but definitely better than Heskey!

And if I knew anything about English football I guess I could name a dozen younger players that would’ve made better choices.

So why? I bet the FA put pressure on him. And if they didn’t? Well, he learnt his lesson. The only question is will the FA let him stay and apply his new-found knowledge.


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