Fool me one time…

I must be a sucker. There is no other word for it, I guess. I believe people and believe in them. Though years of being a cycling fan made me a cynic, I still belive people. Even cyclists.

When everyone said that Jan Ullrich must be doping – I didn’t belive them. Even though many of his performances were out of this world. Though never convicted of doping, the Puerto Affair made it quite clear that Ullrich is not just fond of doughnuts and other pastry, but also of blood-doping.

When Landis got caught, I knew it made perfect sense. After all, his heroic recovery and solo attack were out of this world. But his constant defence and reluctance to accept the charge made me think he was innocent somehow. I mean, this defence ruined him financially. Yes, I believed him.

After he came clean about his cheating ways I find myself torn; on the one had I feel I have to believe him, while on the other I believe Lance Armstrong.

Now my favourite rider – Fabian Cancellara, aka Spartacus,  is involved in insinuations about a new kind of doping. Mechanical doping.

Of all things that form the alleged accusation, then one which stands out in my eyes is at 1:56. Spartacus and former world-champ Tom Boonen are at the top of a gruelling climb. Spartacus is distancing Boonen while sitting on his bike, whilst Boonen is in visible pain trying to kick the bike over the hill and keep up. It looks, much like Landis’ miracle attack – out of this world. Again.

Cancellara winning the tour of Flanders

On the podium after beating Boonen

Did Cancellara change bikes during the race? Yes he did. Is it normal? Yes it is. Do I believe him when he says this is all rubbish? Yes I do. Would I be ashamed for being fooled for the n-th time within a year or two? I hope not.


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