Do you smell a rat?

So Floyd Landis spat in the soup. After years of denying any wrongdoing and fighting to prove his innocence, throwing all the money he had, and a million of his fans’ money into the fight, he’s decided to come clean and take as many of his rivals as he can down with him. And though being a Mennonite, Landis showed no respect for the bible and lied time after time in his trial, protesting his innocence.

Everybody now is looking to see if there is any truth in the allegations against Lance Armstrong, even the federal authorities in the US

Now, of course Floyd Landis has zero credibility. And of course it is possible he not lying this time. And of course Armstrong is denying.

So, jail for the Texan?

The great absurd is that whether Lance Armstrong actually doped or not… it is better for cycling that he is found innocent rather than guilty.

Should Lance be found guilty – the whole of cycling would suffer. Armstrong brings a lot of glamour and money into the sport. If he is found guilty it would deter big American sponsors. In the past few years the American contingent to cycling has grown from a lone Motorolla->Us-Postal->Discovery team to four: RadioShack (Armstrong’s current team), Columbia-HTC, Garmin Transitions and BMC.

Almost all Americans are now familiar with cycling. Much of this is thanks to the Texan. When he went to compete in the Tour Down Under in 2009, the media frenzy was unprecedented. He is not the messiah, but he may be a very naughty boy.

Armstrong’s guilt would not impact the fight against doping in cycling. Cycling already does ten-fold more than any other sport. Including almost infringing on rider’s basic human-rights. No other sports-person has to declare three months in advance where he is. Cycling has introduced the biological-passport which again goes way beyond what any other sport was even willing to consider.

Should Armstrong be found innocent, though guilty, it would be a shame that who potentially would be the greatest doper of all times walks free. Should he be found guilty it could be a huge blow to a sport that is just now starting to regain credibility. Not least amongst its fans.

A side effect of a guilty Armstrong would be a hit on the fight against cancer. Where Armstrong could be considered by many no less than a saint through his LA Foundation/LiveStrong charity.

So, is he guilty?

Personally? I believe he is innocent. But I have also to acknowledge that he could be guilty. I hope is found innocent, firstly because he is innocent, but also because I love cycling.

On a side note

MJ on Armstrong’s cap stands for Mellow Johnny which is Armstrong’s brand. It comes from mispronunciation of maillot jaune – yellow jersey. His coffee shop – Juan Pellota is… uniballer.


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