The apple fell pretty close

So all the family came over as a surprise to the missus. But for some reason I find it hard to fit all elven of us into a seven-seater. Weird.

Today we’ve decided to go and visit St Fagans. As usual the mother-in-law has been left behind with #4. Though my arithmetic isn’t great I believe that we were still too many to fit in the car. We needed to shed two more, I think. Selling the kids is, apparently, illegal, and to be honest I am kind of used to them.

Usually the solution in these cases was that I cycle. Being a cyclist I see it more as a challenge to arrive before the family in the car does, so I actually look forward to these times. But this time, again going back to my not-so-great arithmetic I realised that I need one more.

Looking at number 1 I’ve suggested he joins me for the ride. Being eight and not really a cyclist, he is not used to going 13 miles on the bike. But he was very keen.

To make a long story short #1 has made the trip, including a very long schlep and running like an 8 year-0ld. Climbing back to our house on-the-hill he was knackered. But for all the right reasons very proud. But not as proud as I was.

My kid cycled a long distance and enjoyed it. Only impact was him asking for an extra hamburger at dinner. Not hungry enough to eat the chilly burger.


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