Electoral Reform: A new system


As the curtain fell on the UK’s election… electoral reform is the hottest subject. I still can’t vote in the UK as I am a bloody foreigner. But I think I can solve the UK’s hottest issue, the issue that would eventually decide if Water can mix with Oil.

For those of you who are not aware… the Conservative Party won most votes but had to go into coalition with the Liberal Democrats. The system in the UK is such that even though the Lib-Dems took roughly a quarter of the votes, they hold under 10% of the seats in the parliament.

How I save the world and solve all the problems

All candidates would participate in a season of Total Wipeout

Since there are more that 600 seats in the parliament we would have the first 20 of each show would get to ‘elected’. After 30 shows we would have almost the whole house full. Then, the public would choose via sms out of all the losers 40 that would come back for another round. First 22 would get in.

The benefits

  1. We all love seeing politicians getting hit in the face. Custard preferred. Here we’ll get one better – mud
  2. Who wouldn’t want to see his favourite MP being hit in the crotch by the wall? Imagine Jaqui Smith… maybe in her exception we can allow her husband to do the wall for her.
  3. We will ensure that anyone who ends up in the house of commons has paid his dues to the people of Britain by keeping them entertained.
  4. Like any survivors, the newly ‘elected’ house of commons would share a feeling of camaraderie, giving the people something to be proud of.

May the best politician win.


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