Running like a child

I remember an episode of Friends where Rachel and Phoebe go running. Phoebe claims it won’t be fun to run as Rachel runs like an adult. Finally they storm through the park running like kids do – arms and legs all over the place.

I was walking behind my two eldest boys. Sometimes also referred to as number 1 and number 2. They went running. The eldest was running with everything quite in-line. Arms and legs moving back and forth in a most professional manner. But the way he used his legs suggested he was a kid. Which he is, so he is perfectly entitled to run this way.

Number 2 on the other ran like a true kid. Phoebe would be extremely proud. Arms and legs all over the place. For a 4 foot boy he managed to take about 8 feet of pavement when he ran.

Then there’s number 3. He’s two now and been walking since 10 months old. So it is quite safe to claim he’s been running for most of his life. Kids at this age have a very unique running style. It suggest they are most up-to-date with recent running technique. They run on their toes.

I’ve been talking to a friend how is a very gifted runner. I’ll just say he does a sub 70 minute half marathon as an amateur. He’s switched to running on his toes and he now swears by it. I tried it a couple of times and I have to admit it feels strange. Looking at all the videos and all the information out there does make it seem logical. Looking at my son running strengthens this feeling. But I’ve been running the way I am running for almost four decades now. Should I change my running style?

I have to admit that I am too fat. Well, not as fat as you imagine. But much heavier than I appear. ‘Heavy boned’ people call it.  When I tried to run on my toes it felt as though I am even fatter. The pressure on the toes was immense.

So considering all I can – how much faster would I run and is it worth the effort and pain, I can only come to one conclusion – definitely maybe.


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2 Responses to Running like a child

  1. javafuck says:

    My style of running was always “run to be free” or “run to defend somebody”. Prisoner-Commando I would call that style. And if I suddenly switch to the tip-toes style it’s for the reason: to get closer and cut your head off….Rrrrrrrr

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