Don’t want your iPhone

cameman using PC

It’s funny but everyone is getting an iPhone. You can’t walk around our office without a couple of guys fiddling with their iPhone. Being a geek by trade I’d be expected to love the iPhone. Much as my geeky friends and co-workers do. But I don’t. I know about all gazillions and gazillions of apps available. I know about its sleek interface and its ability to act as an iPod. And I’ve heard you can actually call people with it, though I’ve yet to witness this particular function.

I have a similar experience when it comes to bicycle. I’ve been riding for quite a few years, and I know all the benefits of carbon-fibre. I know it can give you all the benefits of aluminium – strength and rigidity, and the benefits of steel – absorption. Thus giving you the full package. Allegedly.

Yet being a techy guy who’s supposed to love all these things and be pulled by them – I’m not. Yes, I do love F1 racing for all the tech and science. And I do love how a HD TV displays a hummingbird in slow-motion. But somehow the two above don’t charm me.

When the guys compare iPhone apps, all I want to do is check their vibration-meter app by banging their foreheads on the desk. I bet I can get it to 10 on the Richter scale. A bicycle is a thing I use to ride. I love my bike. But I know that the thing that prevents me from flying up that mountain is my legs, not the bike. The thing that makes my fly down the mountain is my stupidity bravery.

I think that this is because they appear to me as over-the-top solutions to a problem I don’t think anyone has. A F1 car is a problem I don’t have. But the guys in the cars do. And every millisecond counts there. So it still makes sense.

I still don’t have a HD TV. Maybe the last person in the civilized world who still has a CRT TV. Maybe because BBC news still looks good enough. Not that I’d mind watching Fiona Bruce on a 72″ screen I am not sure that Ultra HiDef will not reveal the tiniest blemish which would ruin it all for me. I do get the solution it provides to a real problem. Though I don’t need it (HD TV), other people do watch hi-def movies or play PS3 games. David Attenborough film aside, I don’t.

Maybe I am a dinosaur. Maybe I am a functional person in a world of appearances. I don’t care how un-trendy I appear. I fixed my old HTC mobile phone when the screen got broken. I use my phone for talking and sending text messages. And I have to admit that I still prefer talking to texting.

Maybe I am a dinosaur or maybe just an old fart.


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