So I have a blog too

Where do I begin?

For a long while I thought about starting a blog. I thought I have a lot to say. Though I am not sure if anyone would ever read it. Which gave me more confidence in deciding to write it.

I don’t know what this blog would hold. I know it would be diverse.

So I need to set some rules for myself

  1. No (more) blogging about blogging
  2. Anything goes. From work to private. From hobbies to, well, aaaaah, work.
  3. I won’t try to be funny. Though I can’t really promise I will succeed.

Rather simple, I think.

So what would have the immense honour of being my first diary entry? I have accumulated quite a few issues in my head.

(Not) Doing it for the kids!

Reading half marathon took place today, and I was supposed to be there amongst the thousands racing. Racing would be an exaggeration for me. I should have been racing myself, as most of the other thousands and thousands wouldn’t even know I am back there.

It would have been my third Reading half marathon and seventh half marathon.

Enter stage left – two small children two-year-old and seven months. Both featuring good-ole-fationed viral infections sporting high fevers. How high? Today we can reveal that the final score was 39.9c – 40.0c in ‘favour’ of the little one.

As the race is a two hour drive from Wales I felt disinclined to leave the missus home alone with two such hot tamales.

So well done to Rob and one-pace Bruce who both managed pbs. Me? I’ll have to wait ’till Cardiff half.



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I cycle, I run, I live, I have a family, I write code for a living, I have an opinion

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